Validating multiple

The sections 2 - 4 cover the SHACL Core language and may be read independently from the later sections.The sections 5 and 6 are about the features that SHACL-SPARQL has in addition to the Core language.

A single linkage is sufficient to provide a definition for all occurences of a particular term in this document.

SPARQL variables using the can also be used in SPARQL-based constraints and SPARQL-based constraint components.

However, such constraints may not be interoperable across different SHACL-SPARQL processors or not applicable to remote RDF datasets.

To support processing of entailments, SHACL includes the property For SHACL Core this specification uses parts of SPARQL 1.1 in non-normative alternative definitions of the semantics of constraint components and targets.

While these may help some implementers, SPARQL is not required for the implementation of the SHACL Core language.

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